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WebCareHealth Partners with Iowa Heart Center to Reduce Heart Failure Associated Hospitalizations

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Teresa Sieck
WebCareHealth Partners with Iowa Heart Center to Reduce Heart Failure Associated Hospitalizations

WebCareHealth, a leading remote patient monitoring platform for heart failure and other chronic conditions, is working with MercyOne Iowa Heart Center, one of the premier cardiology, vascular, and cardiovascular surgery practices in the nation, to reduce heart failure associated hospitalizations as part of a 30-60-90-day study.

One-hundred and fifty patients were enrolled in the study to evaluate WebCareHealth platform’s impact on reducing hospitalizations and readmissions in contrast to Iowa Heart’s current standard of care for heart failure. Preliminary study results show improvements in hospitalization and readmission reductions, and increased use of WebCareHealth’s optimized guideline-directed therapies for treatment.

“Our partnership with WebCareHealth confirms our commitment to improving the lives of patients with heart failure. With WebCareHealth, we’re incorporating remote patient monitoring as a key management tool for reducing hospitalizations and readmissions by delivering optimal therapy for our patients,” said Rachel Robinson, Director of Quality and Risk Management for MercyOne Iowa Heart Center.

According to the CDC, nearly 5 million Americans are living with heart failure with an estimated 550,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Heart failure affects people of all ages, from children to young adults to middle-aged and the elderly. Heart failure is responsible for 11 million physician visits each year, and more hospitalizations than all forms of cancer combined and contributes to approximately 287,000 deaths each year.

“Our partnership is significant as we have the opportunity to demonstrate our value in addressing the growing heart failure epidemic in Iowa and across the country, through better management of patients with chronic and complex diseases like heart failure,” said Teresa Sieck, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of WebCareHealth.

WebCareHealth’s platform for heart failure, HFMgr, allows hospitals, health systems, and physician practices to remotely monitor heart failure patients on a regular basis, without them having to leave their homes. Patients are provided with physiological monitoring devices and digital connectivity that allows for seamless transition of their health data to their provider.

WebCareHealth’s software solution enables doctors to collaborate with patients remotely by capturing real-time patient data and accessing the platform’s optimized guideline-directed therapies to make actionable decisions for treatment.

“WebCareHealth understands the unique challenges care teams face in managing patients with heart failure. Their platform allows us to get a more complete view of the patient with real-time data and treatment recommendations so we can prevent adverse events,” said Marc Silver, MD, an international leader in the research and treatment of heart failure, and WebCareHealth advisor.

In 2014-2016, WebCareHealth announced a separate study in collaboration with MercyOne Iowa Heart Center, which showed that by using its remote patient monitoring platform for anticoagulation management, WebCareHealth delivered improvements in clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and reduction of adverse events. The study demonstrated significant cost savings in comparison to its standard approach for anticoagulation management.

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